Government-issued - Health & Social Studies Games Online

Last week, I posted about eco-games that help kids understand how to care for their surroundings. Turns out that another great source for cool educational games is the U.S. government. Maybe you're not surprised; I am surprised. Nevertheless, at kids.gov there are links to bunches of really fun, very educational games courtesy of the EPA, CDC, VA, US Mint, and other offices that are typically very serious.
The Immune Platoon is a superhero take on explaining the nitty-gritty of the immune system. At the end of the comic story, there is a Disease Database where kids can explore the story's immunity villains. This story is one of many features on the CDC's BAM! (body and mind) site for kids. At the Stress-o-Meter Quiz, kids can measure their own stress and get an idea of what appropriate stress is and isn't.
My favorite government game comes from the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps Challenge is a first-person fact-finding mission that integrates public health, international cultures, and education through Q&A and multiple choice. Colorful, believable characters guide players through a virtual facsimile of a Peace Corps experience. This is a great way to let kids explore and learn about complicated social studies topics.

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