Inauguration Day

Tomorrow is the United States Presidential Inauguration Day. This historically-steeped ceremony is germane in almost any Social Studies curriculum and will give your students a first-hand view of an important American first.
C-Span will be providing live coverage of the day from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight at their Inauguration Hub.
You and your students can explore and compare other inauguration firsts at the Library of Congress Presidential Inaugurations page and at the official Inauguration page's Facts & Firsts list. If your school does not block access to YouTube, you can show this compilation of past inaugurations.
Explain that presidents can be "sworn in" on a Bible or "affirmed" on another book as Franklin Pierce chose in 1853. Your students can read and learn about Inaugural traditions like the Inaugural Ball and the Inaugural Address at the official Inauguration website's History section.
The American Federation of Teachers and National Education Agency created an entire page of inauguration lesson plans. And, at the Kaboose Inauguration Day 2009 page, you can even find inaugural art connections in their "Yes We Can" Can and the Paper Plate Obama Symbol crafts.
Images from C-Span Inauguration Hub, Miller Center American President database, Senate Inaugural Ceremoniespage, and Kaboose Inauguration Day page.


Jack said...

Thanks for sharing. That is most helpful. I hope we can use some of this tomorrow in our 4th grade classroom.

Mucho appreciation for the work.

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