Make Your Own Learning Board Games

At this time of year, high-stakes state tests are coming soon for lots of classrooms. When your students (and you) can't take another second of practice-tests and review, break the monotony without breaking your students' stride by whipping up a board game.
This trivial-pursuits style game was modified from a template posted for Jefferson County Schools in Tennessee. Game-cards each feature five questions copied and reduced from an old final or state-mandated exam. Players roll a die, land on a numbered-square, and answer the corresponding question read by an opponent. The reader checks the answer on the back of the game-card.

Create additional sets of cards for new units or different classes. To assess students' learning during the game, have them copy the questions they had to answer on a piece of paper. Laminate cards for durability. Put stickers on pennies for extra-cheap game pieces. If you have dice at home, this game will only cost the price of printing and lamination.

** Leave your ideas for test stress-busters and solutions in the comments!

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