President's Day

If your district is having school on President's Day, then it will be a great time to showcase a few important presidential accomplishments.
Since this year marks the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, an entire site has been built to commemorate the bicentennial birthday and to share information about the 16th president. Students can see the new pennies designed to commemorate stages in Lincoln's life, read transcripts of Lincoln's speeches, or play the Abraham Lincoln Crossroads game, wherein players get information about decisions Lincoln made and then make their own decisions about what he should do. Teachers can access lesson ideas on the lesson plan page.
President's Day officially coincides with George Washington's birthday, so the powdered wig and cherry tree crafts at the Kaboose site will be a perfect tribute to our first president. To teach your students the background story of President's Day, visit the Alphabet-Soup blog to find the President's Day song and bunches of President's Day activities.

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