Sack Lunch - Guide to Lunchboxes

If you work at or send children to a public school, there is hope that the cafeteria will someday serve more nutritious meals. In the mean time, to maintain healthy New Year's resolutions, skip the lunch line and bring a nutritious lunch from home. These 1970s metal boxes are awesome looking, but their features end at open and close. The Built Lunch Tote keeps food cool and opens into a place mat. The Lunchsense Lunchbox comes with perfectly sized containers and also folds out into a clean eating surface. Take a nod from the Japanese and get a Bento Box from Plastica or a Laptop Lunch System, an American-style bento box.
As for what to pack inside the box, get ideas for filling and frugal lunches at Squawkfox. Check out Good Housekeeping's 30 Ideas for School Lunches or explore Laptop Lunches' Lunch Ideas, perfect for their compartmentalized lunch tote. To have a lunch menu generated for you, setup an account at Lunchbox Magic where a month-long lunch menu is based on personal food preferences identified through their survey.
To avoid adding plastic-zipper bags to landfills, get dishwasher-safe snackTAXI reusable bags or follow this we wilsons reusable snack bag tutorial.
If people you work with have sticky fingers when it comes to food in the communal refrigerator, try the anti-theft lunch bags which create the illusion that your sandwich is covered in mold.

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