It's a Wrap

In February I posted ideas for lunches and lunchboxes that can brighten daytime meals without being wasteful or unhealthy.
At my house we just wash and reuse the commercial, plastic zipper baggies, but if you're ready commit to crafting reusable lunch ware, Craft Stylish has a tutorial for a reusable lunch sack and a reusable sandwich wrap Along with the reuable snack bag from We Wilsons, you could craft an entire coordinated, Earth-friendly lunch kit.

Images from Craft Stylish.


"Follow the Moon!"

Star-gazing, moon-watching, and reading about outer space are lots of fun. Memorizing the names of the phases of the moon, though, can be less inspiring. To make this process more fun, check out Crayola's Follow the Moon! foldable craft. Kids write and diagram the phases onto the eight flaps of the foldable. Behind each flap, students write a short description of each phase.

Also check out Crayola's St. Patrick's Day Projects like the Coffee-Filter Clover Collage or Shamrock Place-Setting.
Images from my collection and Crayola.com.


Political Puppets - Presidential Printables

If Barack Obama has taken Hannah Montana's place as your elementary school's favored pop icon, your students will love making a paper Obama puppet from cubeecraft. Then they can create an army of other kid-favorite characters like Luigi, Hello Kitty, The Little Prince, Kermit the Frog, Stay-Puft Marshmallow, and Tux.
Also check out printable toys, foldable birds and other foldable puppets in previous posts.

Images from Cubeecraft