Independence Day Fun

The Fourth of July, foremost, represents over 200 years of the U.S.'s freedom and sovereignty. But since the holiday falls smack in the middle of summer vacation, Independence Day is also about personal freedom from schedules and dress codes and formal learning. Here are some ways to explore the holiday through informal learning and fun.
Visit the Library of Congress' Today in History archive to see photographs and artifacts, like the sheet music above, depicting bygone July 4th holidays. Then find out how America's presidents have celebrated past Independence Days with "What the Presidents Did on the Fourth of July" on the American University
Once everyone's brain is full of July 4th history and trivia,
make your space festive with the Happy Fourth Firecracker and other celebratory printables at the Toymaker's holiday page.
Then, let everyone enjoy some more safe "fireworks" fun with U create's Lifesaver Firecrackers tutorial.

Images from American Memory from the Library of Congress, The Toymaker, and U create.

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