Global Handwashing Day

Today is Global Hand Washing Day. Celebrations and lessons will take place around the globe to emphasize the important role hand-washing plays in preventing the spread of disease.
Watch UNICEF Japan's Global Handwashing Dance video, which features Kaiji Moriyama in a funny water-drop costume turning the steps of good hand washing into a cheerful dance.

On the American Red Cross Scrub Club website, there are bunches of hand-washing resources. First check out their 6 Steps to ultra clean hands. Then visit the Villains Gallery to learn about germs that are passed from one hand to another.
As flu-season is getting in full swing, students can be forced to miss important days of instruction if they get sick. Fight illness with information by showing the Scrub Club It's the Flu animation, and then test students comprehension with the corresponding quiz game.
Also visit Clean Hands are Cool Hands to get bunches of hand-washing resources like
this hand washing reminder-sticker download and other cool printables. Then check out their catchy rhyme for remembering good hand-washing protocol.

Images from YouTube, Scrub Club, Clean Hand are Cool Hands.


Where the Wild Things Are and More Printable Paper Puppets

The best part about children's books being made into movies is all the resources and curriculum ideas that get produced to promote or adulate the flick. Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are has always been one of my favorite books, so I was excited when I found out it was being made into a film.
Today, you should check out Toy-a-Day's fantastic printable Wild Things 3D puppets.

Just print the templates for Max and the Wild Things, cut, fold, et voila! Students can retell the events of the book with a puppet show. Then they can create new adventures for Max and his wild companions.

Also check out Toy-a-Day's LONG list of other printable characters for more storytelling fun. I couldn't resist this smurf, as my yard is full of mushrooms. Students will have at least as much fun setting scenes and planning lines for these adorable characters.

Images from Toy-a-Day and my yard.


Another Great Garland

While I realize that I may be featuring more garlands than anyone's going to have time to cut out this fall, everyone should check out Paper Crave's amazing, free Halloween garland.Just print the template, cut out the super-cute Halloween characters, and string them up.
These would be perfect atop a spooky bulletin board or book display.

Images from Paper Crave.


Acorn Garland

As you're setting up your fall bulletin boards and displays, check out Amy Atlas' free printable acorn garland. Also consider last year's maple leaf garland from A Field Journal.

Image from Amy Atlas Events Blog