Tools for New Year's Resolution Success

Now that the new year has begun and students have made their New Year's resolutions, check out these tools for keeping kids' goals on the track to success.

For kids who've resolved to save money for a coveted big item, print and fold this paper cupcake bank from Love. obsess. inspire.
Fold it, seal it, and start dropping in change right away.

For students who plan to show thoughtfulness and keep in touch with friends and family, visit Lemon Squeezy and print this birthday calendar printable.
After printing, help students write down names beside birth dates through the year. This chart will make remembering to write a birthday letter or make a card or gift much easier.

For kiddos who've committed to reading more in the new year, stick around at Lemon Squeezy for her super-cute bookmark printables here and here.
Then go to Orange You Lucky to print a set of three bookplates to help kids manage their book collections.

For learners who've promised to be less messy this year, get to Rubber Punkin for a huge set of organizing labels including a few pages of blanks for personal collections.
Get newly committed organizers started on the right foot by pre-labeling toy boxes and storage containers with these cheerful tags.

Images from Love. obsess. inspire., Lemon Squeezy, Orange You Lucky, Rubber Punkin.

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