Free Kids' Music

Summertime often means entertaining kids for long stretches of time. Whether you're a parent sharing the space of a car with children on a road trip or a summer school teacher coaxing the last bit of attention span from students, music can be a perfect solution. Check out this list of free kids' music resources.

Visit Free Kids Music to find bunches of songs for little ears available for free download. The site's front page features new offerings, and you can search for songs by artist's name.

Jitterbug is a site devoted to adult-approved "music for hip kids." Lots of modern kids' songs are available to stream from the site. Search by artist's name or category. Select the song you want to hear, and a YouTube video of the song will begin playing on the Jitterbug page.You can also select the Radio tab for streaming music chosen by the site.

Kiddie Records Weekly is a huge collection of 1940s and 50s children's records. Music and children's books from old records has been uploaded and made available for download or streaming from the site.Kiddie Records has lots of great book recordings like Horton Hatches the Egg and other Dr. Suess classics and Disney favorites like Dumbo.

Gooney Bird Kids is a blog about kids' music. They maintain a list of free kids' music downloads available from artists and companies.

Images from Jitterbug and Kiddie Records.

**Looks like Jitterbug has become a paid subscription service, and the Gooney Bird Kids free music list is gone.  However, you can still hear free kids radio at Gooney Bird Kids live365 online radio station.