Bulletin Board Shortcut

With school kicking off, teachers everywhere are busy creating welcoming bulletin boards that will soon display exemplary student work. When I moved from teaching middle school to elementary school, I learned a trick that's well known among lower-grade teachers but a secret to many in the upper grades.
Instead of stapling student projects and papers directly to the wall, clothes pins can be used to attach the work examples to a row of background papers. Students will constantly create new work products, and this method allows the display to be changed just as often. I was able to use these purple background sheets for the entire school year last year. When we were ready to display something new, I just pulled down the old papers and clipped up new ones.

The plastic clothes pins pictured above can be replaced with wire paper clips, fancy plastic paper clips or wooden clothes pins which are easy to paint and repaint for each year's theme. Some large projects need two pins to keep them from curling.

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pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!