Monster Bowling

If you are preparing for a fall carnival or looking for a fun physical activity for this time of year, monster bowling is the perfect solution.

Start by rounding up empty 2-liter bottles. You'll need 9 bottles to play, but we made a few extra to have ready in case one rolls across the room during a game. Next wrap each bottle with construction paper and draw on their monster faces. Get creative. We made ghosts, vampires, skulls, Frankenstein and other monster-y creatures.

Once the monsters are decorated, you need to set up your bowling alley. We used a long sheet of butcher paper and cardboard boxes to lay out a lane.
To make this event extra festive, let students use small pumpkins as bowling balls. Have an extra on hand in case an excited bowler tosses a pumpkin with too much force and busts it open.

This activity is good exercise for the bowlers, but boy is it a workout for the person resetting the pins after each turn. Notice the look of exhaustion.
Avoid this phenomenon by allowing student helpers to round up and reset the pins after each turn.

You can bring this activity back for repeat appearances in other parts of the year by modifying the theme...Cupid Bowling, Leprechaun Bowling, the possibilities are endless.

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