Something Squirrely

Squirrels, with their big bushy tails and little acorn-holding paws, are one of the fun things about autumn.  If you're feeling squirrely, check out a few fun squirrel stories to read and share.

Squirrel's World by Lisa Moser is one of my new favorite read-alouds.  Squirrel is active and eager to help his friends or just spend time with them.  But in the midst of all his excitement, Squirrel manages to get in the way.  Students listen and laugh at Squirrel and his silly mistakes.

Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend by Melanie Watt is another funny squirrel tale.  This book is better to share with a small group than a crowd, because it contains lots of funny side notes that a crowd may not be able to see.  In Watt's story, Squirrel must face all sorts of fears in order to make a new friend and not be lonely any more.

To keep the squirrel theme going while learning about signs of autumn, check out Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett. Pip Squirrel is experiencing his first fall, and he's very worried about all the leaves falling off of the tree he and his family live in.  Students will giggle as Pip convinces his sister to help him collect ALL the leaves that have fallen from their tree and try to reattach them.  They will also learn about a natural cycle that occurs in trees each year.

After all the squirrely stories, enjoy a squirrely song.  You can see the lyrics and hear the tune for "Grey Squirrel," a traditional children's song, at Kids' Music Town.  My students thought this song was hilarious, especially the "shake your bushy tail" part.

 Then check out The Crafty Crow's round up of squirrel crafts including this pine cone cutie from Family Crafts.

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