Springtime Butterflies

Today is the first day of Spring. To bring a little springtime into your learning space, visit Bugs and Fishes where there are step by step instructions for this butterfly garland.
With just paper doilies, construction paper, and string, students can assemble these cheerful decorations which look fantastic in the window here, but would also work great across a Spring bulletin board or hanging from the ceiling, if your fire code allows. Bugs and Fishes even provides a template for the butterfly.
Also check out this felt and pom pom mobile variation on the butterfly decoration.

Images from Bugs and Fishes.


Cracked Shell Egg Dying

If you're looking for a way to spice up egg dying, try rolling hard-boiled eggs on the counter to gently crack the shell before dipping in dye. After the dyed eggs have dried, remove the cracked shell to reveal colorful boiled egg whites reminiscent of rocks.
EHow has a tutorial for this cracked shell egg dying method using natural tea-based dyes. The eggs above were dyed with regular food coloring.

After dying eggs, visit author Jan Brett's site to get this Easter egg coloring page.
Then watch Jan Brett's video about her new springtime book, The Easter Egg, an egg-decorating story.

Coloring page image from Jan Brett.


Easter Egg Fun

Egg-decorating is a tradition thousands of years old. If you're looking for new takes on the familiar custom, check out these ideas from Martha Stewart.
After dying eggs, using whatever method you prefer, stick on these printable animal parts to turn the colorful eggs into springtime farm animal puppets.
Or follow this tutorial which uses basic supplies like tape and stickers to create modern egg art.

Images from Martha Stewart Holidays.