Winter Storytime

Cold days are an especially great time for reading good books.  This winter, I have run across a couple of wintery books that make super read-alouds.  Both of these stood my two-fold, read-aloud test.  First, the book must hold the attention of large groups of elementary students of various ages.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, it should be fun (for the reader) to read, even on the 18th or 25th time through.
Winter Woes by Marty Kelley, is a funny rhyming story about a very worried boy planning how to spend a snowy day.  This story has mega kid-appeal.  My students love watching the boy's imaginative story about being so cold his boogers freeze when his nose runs.

Robert Sabuda's Winter's Tale has a totally different, but equally powerful, appeal.
If you've read any of Sabuda's pop-up books, you know you're in for a treat.  This book depicts winter scenes filled with forest animals surrounded in shimmering snow and ice.  My students literally ooed and awed as each page opened up to reveal its 3D paper artistry.

Before indoor recess leaves you fit to be tied, share one of these books with your weather-bound learners.  Then let me know what book is your favorite winter read-aloud.