Peter Rabbit and Puppet Shows

 Easter will be here in just a few weeks.  This time of year gets me thinking about rabbits.  All my favorite bunnies are trouble-makers. There's the lovable wascaly wabbit, Bugs Bunny,
 and I always get a laugh out that snide little Happy Bunny with the rude stickers and cards.

My love of rambunctious rabbits also extends to literature.  Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit, from The Tale of Peter Rabbit, can scarcely keep himself out of trouble with Mr. McGregor's garden tempting him all the time.  Visit PeterRabbit.com to see the classic stories and characters in a whole new light.
Peruse the virtual pop-up book interface to watch video clips, play games, and make crafts.  Then make and watch a personalized Peter Rabbit puppet show.
Enter a few bits of information, and then the virtual puppet show will play including references to your student.

After enjoying Potter's stories and the accompanying activities, let students create their own puppet show.
This activity requires no instructions.  Give kids puppet and watch them go.  They will create stories and characters and plot twists, and they will have fun!  If you don't have puppets, there are plenty of cool printable/craftable puppets online.

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