Make Lemonade

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 Summer is the perfect time for lemonade stands, and lemonade stands are a perfect way to practice lots of important skills.  Math for business planning, art and creativity for stand design.  Get the most of out your lemonade stand experience with a few great resources.
Combine economics and art history with the NOT your Grandma's Lemonade Stand lesson plan from the Council for Economic Education.  Students will analyze Norman Rockwell's Lemonade Stand illustration and learn about producers & consumers, opportunity costs, and supply & demand while running a cyber lemonade stand.

Then, get started with a real lemonade stand of your own.
Find recipes, a decorating tool and more at LemonsToLemonade.org. This site also provides all the information you need if you want to setup your lemonade stand to raise money for a charity.

Then visit funkytime for some fun lemonade trivia and super cute free printable lemonade labels, recipe cards and drink flags.

Or, if you're making regular (non-pink) lemonade, go to Tricia-Rennea to get free printable labels, stickers and price tags that can be customized with your text.  Also check out her free printable lists and recipes cards with a lemon theme.

Also visit Alphamom to get the printable banner and flags that set the scene for this festive lemonade stand.

If you want to offer lots of exciting lemonade flavors, check out the printable labels at j.bartyn design.

For more lemon learning ideas, visit Katherine Marie Photography.


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Cool idea for a post Amber.
I was out garage-saling
last weekend and a little girl about Nate's age was selling bottled water at one of the garage sales.
(Cheap too, only 25 cents each)
I thought, how inventive!
I've been to alot of garage sales in my time and this was a first.

Hope you are doing well.

librarianism said...

That's a great idea. In this heat, there's definitely a market for cool, delicious drinks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.