Free printable masks

With Halloween carnivals and class parties right around the corner, it's time to start planning a costume.  Masks are an easy approach to taking on a new role.  Check out these print-cut-wear masks for instant costume fun.

At many schools, students are only allowed to dress as storybook characters.  This Junie B. Jones printable mask certainly fills the bill.  Also check out my favorite character, Skippyjon Jones.  Click the keyhole to get into Skippyjon's closet.  Then click on teachers to find the mask and lots of printable activities.

If you are looking for more traditional Halloween characters, visit Goobitsa, Brian Gubicza's illustration site.

Find bunches of options at ClassroomJr.  Categories include animals, monsters, and masks from different cultures.

Let students explore their inner superheroes with printable masks from Disney, including Captain AmericaIron Man, and this cool Incredible Hulk mask.

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