Cabin Fever - Sixth in the Wimpy Kid Series

This week, the sixth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book was released.
With an initial printing of six million copies, Cabin Fever is the biggest book of the year.  The publisher's confidence is not surprising, since kids (and lots of adults) just can't get enough of Jeff Kinney's illustrated realistic fiction series.

If you'd like to get more than pleasure reading out of this kid-pleasing story, download the Cabin Fever Event Kit from Abrams Books Academic Resources collection.  You will also find the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Throughout the Year packet, which includes more learning activities to go along with the series.

After reading, let students act out their favorite scenes using printable masks from Wimpy Kid Club.

Find out about the Wimpy Kid book that you can read online, wimpy cupcakes, and wimpy printables here.

Hear wimpy music and see Cheese Touch cupcakes here.

Learn about a wimpy online game that matches the snowed-in Cabin Fever theme perfectly here.

And, if you've already torn through Cabin Fever in the last three days, don't despair.  There is going to be a seventh book.

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