Thanksgiving will be here soon.  Many students and teachers are running on fumes at this time of year.  Keep your eye on the prize while keeping the learning going with these fun ideas.

Combine math and art with Almost Unschoolers' pumpkin pie fractions.  The roundness of the Thanksgiving dessert favorite makes it a perfect manipulative for understanding and practicing basic fractions.
Then help students understand that there's more to the Thanksgiving story than three days off school  full of family, food, and football with their handprint pilgrim mural.  After printing the 26 adults and 27 children to represent the pilgrims who survived the first year in the New World, students can label them with names from their pilgrim stories.
Check out Pilgrims: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House for more information about the first Thanksgiving.

You can also include a musical connection with this catchy and amusing Thanksgiving song, "Turkey from Albuquerque."

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