Hunger Games Celebrations

The long-awaited Hunger Games movie debut was yesterday.  I had been so looking forward to it, after spending over a year waiting for more once I tore through Mockingjay in 2010. When the big day finally arrived yesterday, I wanted to share my excitement with...well, everyone.

At work, where I've been pressuring convincing all my coworkers to dive into the trilogy, I passed out Hunger Games school supplies made using Living Locurto's printables.
Amy designed the printables for Hunger Games parties, but they work just as well for book club favors.  The straw flags were easy to re-task as pencil toppers, and the bookmarks are as perfect for academics as for party favors.

Then, before the movie, I made a Reaping Day Lunch for two with bread, goat cheese and basil bites, blackberries, and blackberry soda.
Amy's square tags and poster were perfect for this pre-movie snack.

Is your case of Hunger Games fever as bad as mine?  How are you celebrating the movie debut with students or at home?


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Looks pretty cool Amber.
I was looking at the "new dress a day" blog and a teacher sent Marissa photos of her class dressed up as the different characters in hunger games. They made the costumes from thrifted clothing. newdressaday.com

librarianism said...

Thanks for telling me about the New Dress A Day article, Terry! Those are great costumes.