Summer Reading

Life has been SO busy around here!  Inventory, and finals, and field day, oh my!!  The end of the school year, when we are all ready to just wind down for summer, is always jam-packed with ceremonies and responsibilities.  Finishing the last semester of my librarianship master's (yea!) at the same time that school wraps up has left me running on fumes.  In the midst of all this excitement, my students are heart-broken that they have to turn in all their school library books for summer.  This week I will try to help them transition to summer reading.  If you are hoping to promote reading as your students change gears for summer vacation, check out these ideas.

First, lead students in a brainstorm of what to read and where to read during the summer.  Point out that summer reading is all about personal interests.  On the 'What to Read' list, students can name book titles they're excited about as well as other media (cookbooks, travel guides, grocery store flyers, video game guides, etc) that make good summer reading material.

For the 'Where to Read' list, students can name places and occasions (on a picnic, in the car, under the stars, at the library, etc.) when they can make time for reading in their summer schedules.  Challenge students to read in all sorts of situations with the summer reading BINGO printable from How Does She.
Kids can earn mini rewards, like an ice cream or stay-up-late pass, as they complete all the items in a row.  Once they mark off the entire card, kids earn a big reward.

Students can decorate these free printable summer reading bookmarks from The Centered School Librarian to use during summer reading.

Get this bookworm reading list printable from Family Fun.  Students can fill in the titles of books they want to read, or they can use the form to record titles of books as they read them.

Kids can track their summer reading with these Superboy and Supergirl charts from Arian Armstrong
 These free printables have 100 squares that students can fill in day by day as a reminder to make reading a daily summer routine.


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

I like these ideas and your attitude....
doesn't matter what you read as long as you read.

Try to get some down time.

librarianism said...

Thanks, Terry. Just 6 more days. :)