Fun Things to Do -- Free Summer Printable List

When I was a kid, my mom had lots of really creative ways to keep my little brother and me happy and entertained.  One time she made me a personal craft box full of all kinds of supplies I could use to create kiddy masterpieces.  During one winter vacation when I got antsy waiting for Christmas to arrive, my mom pulled together a bunch of oddball supplies including a board, glitter, paint, and dried beans so I could create a Christmas tree collage.  And one summer, when my brother and I finished our last day of school for the year, Mom presented us each with a handmade book titled Fun Things to Do This Summer.  Each page inside had a task we could do independently in order to keep us busy and satiate our relentless curiosity.

As a teacher and librarian, now I realize what my mom knew: it's easier to plan ahead than have to clamor for ideas and materials when boredom strikes!

Summertime, with all its beautifully unstructured days, is prime time for trying news things and getting things done.  To make sure you and your little people can remember all the things you want to accomplish during summer vacation, it always helps to make a list.  This summer, I made up a Fun Things to Do This Summer list of things I've been meaning to try (as well as a few things I just need to do) for those moments when I find myself with free time, but just can't think of what I should be doing.

You can get my free printable kids list with 29 ideas for summer activities HERE.
 In case you would like to fill in your own Fun Things to Do This Summer list, I'm including a blank printable HERE.