Digital Paper Dolls

Paper dolls and their cousins, pop-up books, have been captivating readers for a couple of centuries. Kids since at least 1810 have loved paper dolls for storytelling and imaginative play.  I mentioned their long history a few years ago when I wrote about lots of places to find printable paper dolls online.  Wonder how today's paper dolls compare to the earliest examples?  You can see for yourself at Pop-Up and Moveable Books: A Tour Through Their History, a digital exhibit by The University of North Texas Libraries.  The site even includes a feature that allows you to digitally try on the outfits for a pair S. & J. Fuller dolls from 1811.
Frank Feignwell doll by S & J Fuller, UNT Libraries
The worst part about antique toys is that you can't play with them.  With these digitized dolls, there's no need to worry about tearing the fragile paper.  After trying on the dolls' clothes, kids can compare and contrast the 200-year-old fashions with modern clothing preferences.

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