Indoor Playtime

Some days, the weather just does not cooperate with outdoor play plans.  Whether it's a torrential downpour or oppressive heat, the climate can make the great outdoors into an uninviting space.  Before being inside drives anyone stir crazy, try one of these restlessness-curing activities for playing in the house.

Giver'slog recently shared an indoor-play project that combines several of my favorite qualities: it's fun, it's recycled, and you can send it to a friend through the mail!
This hopscotch kit is made from scraps of bubble wrap.  The non-recyclable material sneaks into the house inside packages received through the mail.  But, kids (and big kids) love the sensory experience of playing with this bubbly plastic, so it's easy to reuse.  Kids will have fun hopping and popping with this indoor game.

You can also convert recycled materials like cereal boxes into an action figure play scene.
 This Summer Olympics track and field scene was created by Rachel at AlphaMom.  Use any favorite activity or story as inspiration for your setting.  Kids won't have to be asked to imagine dialogue, character traits, and action for their toys once the stage is set.

Fishing is another activity that usually takes place outside, but with this magnetic bathtub fishing idea from Pigtails and Tutus, the outdoor hobby comes in.
You can use a dowel rod and string for the fishing pole.  Then add a magnet as the "hook" and more magnets to the items you want to fish.  This is a great activity for experiencing magnetic and buoyant properties of objects.

Visit this past article to get even more inside-play ideas.


Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Great idea for the bubble wrap Amber!
Thanks for the comments on my dolls.

Kristie Winks said...

I love the bubble wrap hopscotch idea (whoo, say that five times fast). What do you suggest sticking under the bubble wrap to keep it from sliding?

librarianism said...

The bubble wrap hopscotch idea came from a giverslog series about fun stuff that weighs less than 13 oz., which is the limit for regular first class mail in the U.S. http://www.giverslog.com/?tag=happy-mail
If I were using this project on a slick floor, I might put a little piece of shelf liner from the dollar store under each bubble wrap square to keep it from sliding underneath hopping feet.