Snow Globe Learning Theme

Since the early 1800s, adults and children have been mesmerized by the tiny worlds encapsulated within snow globes. The captivating collectibles push people to imagine life in far away places, and for us warm climate folks, they create a window into the world of wintery weather.  Their appeal among both young and old makes snow globes a fun theme for reading and learning.

Begin by reading The Snow Globe Family.
In this book by Jane O'Conner, a snow globe is home to a family of real, living, itty-bitty people.  The full-sized family of people who own the snow globe are all oblivious to their tiny companions -- all except the baby who is just too small to reach the snow globe and help the little family enjoy another snow storm.  This story is great for teaching kids about perspective.  Plus, students enjoy the element of repetition in this book that allows them to "guess" what's going to happen next.

After reading, let students imagine what it would be like to live in a snow globe.

Get this free printable writing prompt from Ginger Snaps Treats for Teachers.  After writing, allow students to illustrate their snow globe scene on a circular piece of paper.  Use the writing template as a base for students' globe pictures in order to create a bulletin-board-worthy student work display.  Older students can be pushed to write an entire story just by giving them a bigger piece of paper.  In a science class, you could ask students to describe a biome that experiences snowy weather.

Be sure to add a snowy effect to the illustrations.  You can use spray glitter to quickly add sparkly snow, or allow students to glue on dots from the hole puncher or stamp white paint using a pencil eraser to fill the scene with snowfall like in these globes from Through the Eyes of a Dreamer.

Students can make a more interactive snow globe using disposable plates.
This version was created years ago for our blizzard-themed book fair.
  1.  Let students draw characters and scenery for their globes.
  2.  Have them glue their drawings onto a dark blue plate.
  3.  Add some fake snow.
  4.  Then glue a clear plate on top to encapsulate everything.
  5.  Attach a piece of construction paper to form the base of the globe.
  6.  Shake, shake, shake and enjoy!
Snow globes crafts can be created using many unexpected, recycled materials.  Visit Our Best Bites to learn how to use food jars to make these personalized photo snow globes, which are sure to provide endless entertainment both during and after crafting.

 Clear ornament balls can easily be converted into adorable snow globe tree ornaments that students can proudly take home as a holiday gift for their parents.
Get the full tutorial for this simple yet delightful project at Cook Love Craft.

Another idea uses small, spherical coke bottles to create snow globe cupcakes.
Cake afficianado, Bakerella invented these amazing snow globe snacks, and you can get the instructions at her blog.  The biggest problem with this treat might be locating the special edition round bottles which most people seem to find at my least favorite big box store (sounds like shawl kart).  If you aren't able to find the bottles, you can try this cake, which uses a glass bowl to form the snow globe.

Learn how to make your own at Todera.

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