Put a Poem in Your Pocket + Poetry Centers

April is Poetry Month, so all month long, we will be reading, writing, and exploring poetry.  On April 18, we will be celebrating Poem in Your Pocket day as a part of our poetry month activities.  This celebration has been taking place nationwide each April since 2008.  It's a fun opportunity to enjoy and share poetry with students.  Likewise, they get to share their own favorite poems with each other!  This literary event can become an exciting classroom tradition, just like Valentine card exchanges and Halloween candy sharing.

There are lots of ways your students can celebrate the occasion.  They can carry poems in their own pockets, display pocketfuls of poems, choose poems from pockets, and so on.  Students can write or type their favorite poems onto cards they can carry around and share.  You can also print many pocket-sized poems from Poets.org for your celebration.

To help students investigate poetry independently, I setup several poetry centers for students to visit.
Each basket is labelled with a tag like this one that gives instructions for the activity.
All the materials students need for the activity are placed inside the box.  I will keep most of these centers out all month, just changing the contents from week to week, so students can explore lots of poets and poems.  The Acrostics center is the sole exception.  Each week, I will swap in a different form of poetry for students to attempt on their own.

You can print a set of free Poetry Month centers HERE.

If you still can't get enough poetry fun, check out this past article with more Poetry Month ideas and online activities.

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