Walk this Way - Back to School Teacher Shoes

If you are a teacher, you know one of the "perks" of the profession is that educators get to buy a lot of their own supplies.  Trying to be frugal with my money, make sure students and I have everything we need to learn, and trying to teach students to be responsible for themselves are hard tasks to balance.  During my first few years teaching, I'm pretty sure I erred on the side of buying too much stuff.  The last few years, I have had a real buckle-down-and-make-do approach that has likely saved me hundreds of dollars each school year.  Instead of running out to purchase things, I look around at what the school and I already have that might be altered or reused to serve my purpose.  Food containers, broken crayons, and boring office supplies have been given new life through this method that has been wonderful in most regards.

However, with my 10th {Tenth?!} year as a public school teacher just a few weeks away, I am here to tell you that there are a few supplies that are absolutely essential and for which you should be prepared to spend a little money.  Most important among these items, in my opinion, is a good pair of shoes.  I have learned the hard way that there is only so much leading, circulating, delivering, meeting, monitoring, modelling, assisting, and ahem, running, chasing or wrangling that a set of feet can manage in a cheap pair of shoes.  Before you know it, those healthy feet that have taken you everywhere you've ever been will be riddled with aches, pains, and even injury.

In the interest of avoiding foot pain and injury (again), I have developed a few criteria for choosing work shoes.
1. They must have a flat or low heel.
2. The soles must be supportive and comfortable.
3. They can't have any spots that rub, even a little.  After approximately one million steps, a little becomes a lot.

On days when I can wear jeans and sneakers, I now happily wear the New Balance sneakers my doctor recommended and easily meet all of my shoe requirements.  For all other days, I need sturdy, reliable, supportive, comfortable dress shoes.  So far, I have only identified a few brands -- Merrell, Born and Skechers -- that have proven themselves in the line of duty, but I've been browsing around for others.  Here are a few contenders I'm considering for back-to-school.

Teacher Shoes

H&M loafer flat, $53 / Skechers nautical boat shoes / Nine West moccasin style shoes / Sebago deck shoes, $105 / Nine West moccasin style shoes / Sperry Top-Sider leather deck shoes / Merrell 'Zest Glove' Flat

Do you have any recommendations when it comes to teacher shoes?  What are your criteria for shoes that keep teacher feet happy?


Ms. O said...

I meant to comment yesterday but my phone is set to a different account. Anyway ... I was totally going to do a post on shoes sometimes before school started. Because they are a PAIN in my TOES.

Will have to try some of your suggestions. Most of the time I wear Converse. The "Ox" kind when I can cause they have more support. The Seuss ones other times. ;)

Amber Mann said...

I am jealous about your Seuss Converse, Ms. O. I will have a to find myself some of those!

chris said...

Every school I've taught in has cement under the floors. No wonder our feet hurt! I'm afraid I have done mine in after years of wearing pretty heels and cute little BOGO flats from Payless. Now, I wear only Clark's and Birkenstocks. And yeah, New Balance running shoes, but for walking. Who can run with feet like this?