Valentine's Day in History

Valentine's Day will be here in just a few days.  Visit the Library of Congress' America's Story website to learn some facts about the origins of this sweethearts' celebration.  While you're there, check out some V-Day primary documents such as Thomas Edison's 1900 film, "The Kiss" or a 1940s Valentine store window photograph.

Then click your way to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History blog to see examples of Valentine notes and telegrams from the early 1900s.
Let students discuss what it would have been like to send and receive notes through the post office or a telegraph machine instead of today's rapid forms of communication such as text messaging and email.

Use students' enthusiasm about Valentine's Day to get them reading by creating a display of books about love and friendship.

After all that learning, it will be time for some sweets.  For an easy and impressive treat that children can help prepare, smoosh slice-and-bake chocolate chip cookie dough around store-bought sandwich cookies and bake in muffin tins according to cookie dough instructions.
You can make these cookie-stuffed cookies with any type of sandwich cookie, but using the limited edition Red Velvet Oreos and some seasonal sprinkles will make these extra festive.