Love Stories for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching!  I have recently discovered some lovely new read-alouds to share during this celebration of sweetness.

Love, by Matt de la Peña, is a beautiful picture book that describes love through metaphors such as "love, too, is the smell of crashing waves."  This story is a fantastic example of figurative language that students can use to inspire their own writing about abstract concepts like emotions.

Diane Adams' book, Love Is, uses metaphors to illustrate the complex feeling of love.  In this book, the touching text describes many of the sacrifices made in the name of love.  The illustrations indicate that the story is about a young girl and her relationship with her pet duckling, but adult readers will feel the emotional parallels with their own relationships with the children in their lives.

Even the littlest listeners can explore metaphorical descriptions of love through Amy Novesky's Love Is a Truck and Love Is a Tutu which compare the complicated feeling to play experiences familiar to young children.

After reading some of these stories, ask students to think of and write about what love is to them.

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