Plant Power: Resources to Teach Kids about the Healing Powers of Plants

Listening to the potential side-effects listed in pharmaceutical commercials is enough to make you want to swear off prescription medicines for your whole family.  Of course, many pharmaceutical products can be helpful and even life-saving if used correctly.  But, many ailments can actually be treated with plants that are readily available if we know what to look for and how to use them.  These two qualifications keep most of us from trying simple, traditional healing methods, because we are afraid of doing it wrong.
You and your family can begin learning how to use healing herbs and plants with the help of resources from LearningHerbs.com.  The site offers several products for adults and children that can increase familiarity and comfort with identifying and using plants with healing properties to support the health of your family.  I am especially excited about their kid's book series, Herb Fairies.  Each book in the 13-story series uses a fantastical adventure to introduce many plants and their healing capabilities to young readers.  You can download book one for FREE to try it out with your children before ordering the boxed set.  The individual books are also available from Amazon.  The site also developed a learning board game called Wildcraft that teaches players 25 plants and their first-aid uses.
Additionally, you can print a FREE 7-page, full-color set of Home Apothecary cards that teach users about 16 healing plants and offer many recipes and ideas to use them.

 Kids may also enjoy Lesley Tierra's A Kid's Herb Book which uses coloring and activities to teach readers recipes, remedies, and other ways to use plants.

 To reinforce all the new learning, kids can use the Medicinal Plants Coloring Book to relax while reviewing the appearances of important healing plants.

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